Nike & Karl - White Spot Pirates

We had been following Nike & Karl, the White Spot Pirates, for quite a while.  Although we were thoroughly enjoying her adventures on Untie the Lines, and greatly admired her spunk, Karl's rigging made me cringe.  C.C. Rigging was happy to be in a position to help with the rigging when Karl declared it was time.

We recently had the chance to meet Nike when she drifted into San Diego.  Not only is she a gutsy sailor, she's a fantastic speaker!  If you ever have a chance to attend one of her events, don't miss it.  In the meantime, you can watch and listen online.

Dock Walking Musings

I was asked to write a piece for the Kettenburg and Classic Yacht Regatta 2015 program this past summer.  It's a bit of an ode to wooden boats, entitled Dock Walking Musings.  Whether you own a wooden boat or simply enjoy them, I think you'll enjoy this short read.  Click here to read the full article.  Here's an excerpt:

As I walk the docks on any given day, my eye is drawn to the fittings and parts that make up the rigging of our boats. I not only notice irregularities or potential problems, for that is the nature of my work as a rigger, but I am drawn to the hardware and fittings, which are beautiful in their manufacture and function. 

The compass of Freedom, built by Boston’s Wilfred O. White and Sons, is a particularly beautiful item.

The compass of Freedom, built by Boston’s Wilfred O. White and Sons, is a particularly beautiful item.

Need a Rigging Seminar?

We've got one for you!  Or a few…there are so many topics to cover.   Contact us and we'll pull one together.  Here's our Rigging: What You Need to Know presentation.  It covers the basics but you need the stories that go with the pictures.  So just call us to supply some stories and tips…maybe even a joke or two!

   Your Rigging Questions, Answered!


Your Rigging Questions, Answered!

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Danforth Anchor Buried.JPG

This is a 75 lb Danforth  anchor unearthed in Los Gatos, CA.  I used it in 1997 as a mooring in Sausalito for my 34 foot San Juan "Never Never Land" which I lived on while living and working there. In 1998 I sailed South, and before I did I put the anchor in my Mom's back yard garden. A few years went by and when I went to look for it I couldn't find it…There was some confusion as to whether my brother might have moved it, or maybe I was mistaken about putting it there (Sometimes when preparing for a cruise the focus is on leaving!).  So then 16 years go by. Mom is doing a little landscaping and Eureka! Good to see you old Galvanized friend! Talk about swallowing the anchor….Photo Credit: Lindsay Catterton.  Unearthing credit: Lindsay Catterton.  P.S. Thanks Mom!