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Danforth Anchor Buried.JPG

This is a 75 lb Danforth  anchor unearthed in Los Gatos, CA.  I used it in 1997 as a mooring in Sausalito for my 34 foot San Juan "Never Never Land" which I lived on while living and working there. In 1998 I sailed South, and before I did I put the anchor in my Mom's back yard garden. A few years went by and when I went to look for it I couldn't find it…There was some confusion as to whether my brother might have moved it, or maybe I was mistaken about putting it there (Sometimes when preparing for a cruise the focus is on leaving!).  So then 16 years go by. Mom is doing a little landscaping and Eureka! Good to see you old Galvanized friend! Talk about swallowing the anchor….Photo Credit: Lindsay Catterton.  Unearthing credit: Lindsay Catterton.  P.S. Thanks Mom!